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✦✦ NEW UPDATE! February-2015 ✦✦
-Unfortunately again this year on the sixth day of the first month of the lunar calendar(this year 06 February-2015) a pig has been brutally chopped in two piece in order that people can smear their bank notes with the blood of this victim, because of an primitive belief saying that the new year will bring them luck and fortune.. despite that OFA (Occupy For Animals) made a already a couple years a campaign to banned this barbaric tradition.. the local authorities never responded to the petitions and to the emails, they simply ignored.. local activists have decided to take it over and to target the concerned authorities in order to get this ritual banned! they made a brand new petition for this case.. please sign & share widely ! we must try again and give them a chance to achieve the goal! you can still sign the previous petitions but the priority must be given to the new one NR.1 PET ►
►►Herewith the copy of the "protest letter" TO SEND TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES (see below !)
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►►You can also send an email to the embassy of Vietnam in your country, email addresses can easily be found using the following online portal:

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Education and Training

Ministry of Health

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►►"Protest-letter"( EXAMPLE) (you can modify if you wish..but stay polite)
To the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

✦SAMPLE LETTER: (You can modify if you wish)
To whom it may concern,
I wish to express my deep concern about animal cruelty being conducted in the name of tradition in Vietnam.
On 28th of January 2012 - like every year - citizens at Nem Thuong village have celebrated their cruel festival during which a pig is brutally chopped into two. Every year, thousands of people from the village and nearby villages gather to smear the blood of the pig on their banknotes in the belief that it would bring luck in the new year. The festival is known as the most brutal in your country and is condemned by many, including some who called already on your government to stop the festival.
No one can adequately explain why these practices are carried out year after year – except to say they are "traditional". This however is not a valid argument to continue these practices.
I urge the Government of Vietnam to abolish the above practice for the following reasons:
1. It hurts the animals – contrary to what many believe, animals suffer tremendously before and during such festivals.
2. It hurts us - cruelty against animals harms society as a whole; it signals and normalizes insensitivity in children who can become numb to the suffering of living beings. It is also known to influence certain people to commit violence to other humans.
3. It is bad for tourism - as tourists are abhorred by such practices, the festival will have an adverse effect on tourism, an industry which provides the country with much-needed financial returns. Those foreigners who experience or come to know of this practice leave Vietnam confused and with a heavy heart, rather than uplifted by its paradoxical beauty and friendliness.
I implore you to end these violent practice and help Vietnam move towards a truly peaceful country in keeping with its international image.
I trust that you will support these measures (which are becoming more widespread around the world) and thus promote non-violent cultural practices in Vietnam. Until such a time, however, I regret that it will be necessary to boycott Vietnam both as a tourist and by way of commerce and to encourage others to participate in a boycott as well.
Yours sincerely, your name and Country
Dear sir,
I want to express my deepest indignation for the brutal and cruel traditional festival of Nem Thuong village in Vietnam. Two live pigs are brutally decapitated while totally conscious. Then, villagers daub sheets of money in the pig’s blood, in the belief that it would bring good luck in the New Year.
Your name/Country...
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Every year, at a village near to Hanoi (Vietnam), a pig is brutally sliced in half with a sword so that some savage people can smear their banknotes with the blood of the pig sliced into two !! with the primitive belief that it would bring them good luck and incomes by the coming new year...Organized by the villagers, the festival is held on the sixth day of the first month of the lunar calendar to worship the village's deity Doan Thuong. (February !!!! )
The festival is known as the most brutal and barbaric in the country and is condemned by many, including some officials who called on the government to stop the festival.

►PLEASE NOTE WE NEED AT LEAST 30,000 SIGNATURES ON EACH PETITION ! Therefore Please help us urgently to reach 2 x 30,000 signatures so that we can forward them again to the Vietnamese president. ! thank you all
►►This original Picture is from my friend "Occupy For Animal (I HAVE DOWNLOADED WITH PERMISSION !)